Cloud Banks of Nectar by Longchenpa

Cloud Banks of Nectar
by Longchenpa
A Yearning Supplication and Aspiration
to the Three Roots
Victorious Ones and Your Sons in the ten directions,
All assemblies of noble Shravakas and Pratyekabuddhas,
And everyone who practices the Dharma, I supplicate you respectfully.
Regard me with compassion and grant your blessings.
Gurus of the three lineages, peaceful and wrathful yidam deities,
Dakas and Dakinis, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
Dharma Protectors and Samaya-holders, Rishis who have attained true speech,
Lovingly bestow your blessings on this supplicating child.
Kyema Kyihu, a wretched one like me,
Has been tormented by unbearable karma and the kleshas for so long.
Stretch out your hands with great love and compassion
And guide me this very moment.
Although my nature is primordially enlightened,
Because of ignorance and confusion I have wandered throughout existence.
I am desolate in this dream-like samsara.
Please be my refuge and protect me.
Please rescue me and countless sentient beings
From the endless ocean of samsara, so difficult to cross.
Take us across the sea of suffering
In the unsurpassable boat of wisdom.
The manifestations of tendencies – habits for so long,
And dualistic grasping to deluded experience, are more imposing than Mount Sumeru.
Please demolish them this very moment
With the wisdom vajra of supreme liberation.
The darkness of ignorance, such a dense obscuration, has lasted so long,
It is hard to fathom and its end is impossible to see.
With your wisdom light rays please clear away
This immense cover which obscures the luminous essence.
Whatever I do, it is but the cause of kleshas and suffering.
Letting my mind turn completely away
From the futile concerns of this world,
Please make me spend day and night in Dharma practice.
Incorrect thinking is like overlapping waves.
Various conceptualizations chase after the five sense objects.
Please pacify the eight collections, the tendencies and the all-ground
Within Dharmadhatu.
Conceptual tendencies, the klesha-mind of the desire realm,
And habitual tendencies connected with the samsaric mind
Of the clarity of the form realm and the nonthought of the formless,
Please purify all of them.
Having turned away from the pursuit of solitary peace –
The inferior attitude of practicing for the benefit of oneself,
Let me enter the path of the supreme outer, inner and secret teachings
And enable me to act vastly for the benefit of others.
Completely purifying karma, the kleshas and tendencies
Of all beings who are on an inferior, perverted or mistaken path,
Please help everyone, without exception, to journey together
To the liberated citadel of the wishfulfilling mind-essence.
We have remained for so long, without beginning or end
In the ocean of obscurations, murky with emotions,
With no chance for emancipation by ourselves.
Please liberate us with your great compassion.
From the strong and intense emotions, so hard to endure,
From the pain of existence with so much suffering,
And from the level of carelessness, dependency and laziness
Please fully liberate us this very day.
May we fully realize that all futile phenomena
Are impermanent, unstable, a magical enticement for the mind.
Please enable us to spend day and night continously
With sincere renunciation and weariness.
Having attained awareness, super-knowledge and samadhi
In the delightful secluded phases of sacred mountain dwellings,
Please enable us to arrive, withtin this very lifetime,
At the celestial realm of great bliss, the spontaneous accomplishment of the two benefits.
Exerting ourselves in practice, alone with perseverance,
May we not drift toward the concerns of this life for an instant.
Perfecting the siddhis in the footsteps of the forefathers,
May we always please our spiritual master.
Free from the flows of broken samayas,
And realizing unmistakenly the meaning of the view, meditation, action and result,
Without wavering from the luminous state, day and night,
May we accomplish the twofold benefit for self and others.
Perfecting development and completion, the purity of what appears and exists,
Let the ocean of dakinis samaya-holders gather like cloud banks.
With the twofold siddhis descending on us like rain,
May we accomplish the four activities.
With pure perception and devotion arising without bias,
With uninterrupted love and compassion,
And with experience and realization – the virtues of view and meditation – blazing forth,
May we impartially act for the welfare of beings.
Through this, our perfect devotion and merit,
May all beings be fully liberated together, without exception,
And journey withtin this very lifetime
To Samantabhadra’s realm of spontaneously present great bliss.
This supplication was made at Lharing Drag, the seat of the Self
Born Padma, by Longchen Rabjam, a yogin of the supreme
vehicle who has attained unshakable faith in all the holy masters
and is wealthy with the richness of learning. May this be auspicious throughout all directions and times.

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