The Hundreds of Deities of the Land of Joy

The Hundreds of Deities of the Land of Joy
\ I go for refuge to the Triple Gem:
\ I shall liberate all sentient beings,
\ To lead them to an Enlightened State,
\ I generate purely an Enlightened Motive. (3x)
\ May the surface of the Earth in every direction
\ Be pure, without even a pebble,
\ As smooth as the palm of a child’s hand,
\ Naturally polished as is lapis lazuli.
\ 3.
\ And may all space be completely filled
\ With the material offerings of gods and men,
\ Both these set before me and those mentally created
\ As a peerless cloud of Samantabhadra offerings.
\ From the heart of the Protector of the hundreds of deities of the Land of Joy
\ Comes a cloud that resembles a mass of fresh, white curd,
\ Omniscient Lo-zang Drag-pa, King of the Dharma, together with your sons.
\ I request you to come here now.
\ O venerable Gurus with white smiles of delight
\ Seated on lion-thrones, lotus and moon in the space before me,
\ I request you to remain for hundreds of aeons in order to spread the teachings
\ And be the supreme Field of Merit for my mind of faith.
\ Your minds have the intellect that comprehends the full extent of what can be known,
\ Your speech, with its excellent explanations, becomes the ear ornament for those of good fortune,
\ Your bodies are radiantly handsome with glory renowned,
\ I prostrate to you whom to behold, hear or recall is worthwhile.
\ Pleasing water offerings, various flowers,
\ Fragrant incense, light and scented water –
\ An ocean of actual and visualized cloud-like offerings,
\ I present to you, O supreme Field of Merit,
\ Whatever non-virtues of body, speech and mind
\ I have accumulated from beginningless time,
\ And especially any transgressions of my three vows
\ I confess over and again with fervent regard from my heart.
\ From the depths of our hearts we rejoice, O Protectors
\ In the great waves of your deeds, you who
\ Strove to learn and practice in this degenerate age
\ And made life meaningful by abandoning the eight worldly feelings.
\ O holy and venerable Lama, from the clouds of compassion
\ That form in the skies of your Dharmakaya wisdom,
\ Please release a rain of vast and profound Dharma
\ Precisely in accordance with the needs of those to be trained.
\ I dedicate whatever virtues I have ever collected
\ For the benefit of the teachings and of all sentient beings,
\ And in particular for the essential teachings
\ Of Venerable Lo-zang Drag-pa to shine forever.
\ 12. MANDALA:
\ By directing to the Fields of Buddhas this mandala
\ On a Base resplendent with flowers, saffron water and incense,
\ Adorned with Mount Meru, the four Continents and Sun and Moon
\ May all sentient beings be led to these Fields.
\ I send forth this jewelled mandala to you precious Gurus.
\ By the force of having fervently requested in this way
\ Hollow rays of white light are emitted from the hearts
\ Of the Venerable Father and his two sons, the ends of which combine into one and enter the crown of my head.
\ 14.
\ By the white nectar, the colour of milk,
\ That comes through the pathway of the tube of white light,
\ I am cleansed of all sickness, disturbance, non-virtues, obstacles and their instincts without exception,
\ And my body becomes as pure and clear as crystal.
\ You are Avalokitesvara, great treasure of compassion not aimed at true existence,
\ And Manjusri, master of flawless wisdom,
\ As well as Vajrapani, destroyer of hords of demons without exception,
\ O’ Tzong-kha-pa, crown jewel of the sages of the Land of Snows,
\ Lozang Drag-pa, I make requests at your feet.
\ mig-me tze-wä ter-chen chän-rä-zig
\ dr’i-me ky’en-päi wang-po-jam-päl yang
\ dü-pung ma-lü jom-dzä sang-waï dag
\ g’ang-chän k’ä-päi tzug-gyän tzong-k’a-pa
\ lo-zang dr’ag-päi zhab-la söl-wa deb (3x)
\ O glorious and precious root Guru, come take your
\ Lotus and moon seat placed here upon my head
\ And keep me safe in your great kindness,
\ Bestow on me, please, the powerful attainments of your body, speech and mind.
\ 17.
\ O glorious and precious root Guru, come take your
\ Lotus and moon seat at my heart
\ And keep me safe in your great kindness;
\ Remain steadfast until I achieve Buddhahood.
\ By this merit may I quickly
\ Attain the state of a Guru-Buddha
\ And may I lead unto that state
\ Every being without exception.
\ Lord of Tushita Hundred Gods by Dulnagpa Palden
\ An Invocation of Je Tsong Khapa
\ From the heart of the Lord Protector of Tushita’s hundred gods,
\ Floating on fluffy white clouds, piled up like fresh curds,
\ Here comes the Omniscient Lord of Dharma, Lo Sang Dragpa!
\ Please come down to us, together with Your Sons!
\ In the sky before me, on a lion throne with lotus and moon seat,
\ Sits the Holy Guru with his beautiful smiling face,
\ Supreme field of merit for my mind of faith;
\ Please stay one hundred aeons to spread the Teachings!
\ I bow to You so beneficial to see, hear, and remember
\ Your Body of beauty, resplendent with the glory of fame,
\ Your Speech of eloquence, jewel ornament for the lucky ear,
\ Your Mind of pure genius that spans the whole range of knowledge!
\ Various delightful offerings of flowers, perfumes,
\ Incenses, lights, and pure sweet waters, these actually presented,
\ And this ocean of offering-clouds created by my imagination,
\ I offer to You, O highest field of merit!
\ All the sins I have committed with body, speech, and mind,
\ Accumulated through evolution from beginningless time,
\ And especially all transgressions of the three vows,
\ I confess each one with strong regret from depth of heart!
\ In this dark age, You worked for broad learning and accomplishment
\ Abandoning the eight mundane concerns to realize the great value
\ Of leisure and opportunity; sincerely, O Lord Protector,
\ We congratulate You for all Your prodigious deeds!
\ In the sky of the Body of Truth, You Holy Supreme Guru,
\ Build up the massive clouds of Your wisdom and Your love,
\ And please pour down on the earth of the deserving disciples
\ The great rains of the profound and magnificent Dharma!
\ Whatever virtue I may have gathered here,
\ May it long make shine the essence of the Buddha Teaching,
\ Make manifest whatever benefits the living beings,
\ And especially the Teaching of the Holy Lo Sang Dragpa!

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